Propane is in Your Neighborhood

James and Judy's neighborhood doesn't have a natural gas line. Faced with their home's current electric baseboard heat, they knew they couldn't budget for another winter's bills. They began investigating propane as an alternative and were pleased to discover that a propane stove could be added to their living room with very minimal effort and cost. After their great experience, they were even able to advise their next-door neighbors who have a heat pump to install a duel-fuel system, including a propane furnace, to share the savings and efficiency around the neighborhood.

The cost of heating a home all winter can be a frustration, if not a burden. Electric baseboard heat is extremely expensive, with electricity bills that may triple in the winter. Heat pumps produce air that feels cool to the touch, and they quickly lose efficiency during cold, winter nights. Natural gas isn't always available as an alternative, but fortunately for homeowners, propane is a safe and efficient heating fuel alternative.

Adding propane to your home is a simpler process than you may imagine. Ressler Propane service can be set up by simply installing a tank and gas line. This can usually be done in a few hours. Usually, there is no need for permits or permission from your municipality.