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Ressler Propane sells and installs several brands of high efficiency gas fireplaces, gas inserts, gas heaters, gas logs, and gas heating stoves. Modern propane hearth appliances can rival the efficiency of furnaces while providing a stylish look for your home. Additionally, you can control the heat output far more precisely with immediate heat production and immediate heat cut-off.


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A fireplace or heating stove is a good investment in your home. According to USA Today, fireplaces are one of the home features for which buyers will pay extra. Their study reveals that 40% of buyers will pay more for a home with this feature, and those buyers would be willing to pay up to $1,400 more for a home with a fireplace. Home designer experts have even suggested that fireplaces are going to become even more popular in the future as homes are having fewer televisions, but homeowners are seeking comfortable spaces to use electronic devices like tablets and e-readers.

A room that may not be served well by your home’s central heating unit can have a propane fireplace or heating stove installed to increase comfort. This can even lower your heating costs since the whole house heating system won’t need to run as long to heat that last chilly room.

Fireplaces and stoves are far more than a decoration; they are a stylish but very efficient form of heating. Propane is easy and safe to ignite. Best of all, there's no need to haul and stack wood in the snow, to stoke a fire in the wee hours of the morning, or to cover small burns on your carpet from flying sparks.


  • Natural Vent or B-Vent fireplaces draw air from within the home, while combustion/flue gases naturally rise up and escape your home.
  • Direct Vent fireplaces draw air from outside the home with a completely sealed combustion chamber which vents out a side wall or through the ceiling. (These units require a sealed glass door to protect indoor air quality.)


Open fireplaces lose a significant volume of heat up the chimney. Adding a gas insert to your home's existing fireplace can increase its efficiency as well as bring new life to a room's design. Ressler Propane offers a great variety of options that suit every home and every style. Visit our showroom to explore the many available options.

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