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Propane is more Energy Efficient

Energy Star Qualified

Propane provides great value because it burns hotter and more efficiently than many other energy sources, powering a variety of high-performance and energy-efficient appliances.

  • Propane tankless water heaters are so efficient, they’re Energy Star® qualified.  Electric tankless water heaters are not.
  • Installing an efficient propane tankless water heater may qualify you for tax credits. Learn more about energy tax incentives »
  • Propane tankless water heaters can reduce standby energy loss by up to 20 percent and cost approximately 60 percent less to operate.
  • A propane furnace can heat air up to 25 degrees warmer.
  • Propane gives off less than half the greenhouse emissions that electricity does.
  • Propane appliances have a shorter energy savings payback period (the time it takes for an appliance to pay for itself via energy savings).*

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Propane's cost efficiency is comparable to electric and oil. Enter your estimated cost and efficiency (or leave it unchanged) to see how they stack up.

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* Appliance costs based on average consumption for a family of five. Energy efficiencies based on the highest energy factor reported in the GAMA Directory of Certified Efficiency Ratings (GAMA 2006). Solar water heater energy efficiency based on DOE 2005c. Fuel consumption of propane storage tank heater based on average residential energy consumption for water heating. Tankless propane fuel consumption based on relative efficiency compared to a tank heater.